Below is a list of some of our previous project experiences ranging from simple repairs to million dollar contracts. A complete list of projects can be provided upon request. Please contact our main office for further information. 

Northside Independent School District San Antonio, TX Indefinite Quantity Contract
Southwest Independent School District San Antonio, TX Indefinite Quantity Contract
ACCD - Renovation of Maintenance Faciltiy San Antonio, TX $950,000
New Administration Building Seton Homes San Antonio, TX $500,000
Renovation of Landa Park Pool House New Braunfels, TX $500,000
SAISD New Parking Lot and Sidewalks San Antonio, TX $325,000
New and Renovation of Sidewalks Boerne, TX $105,000
Renovation of Building 1350 Ft. Sam Houston Ft. Sam Houston, TX $450,000
New Truck Shop and Additional Buildings Nixon, TX $1,500,000
Camp Bullis Road Repairs Camp Bullis, TX $ 700,000
Holmes Foods, Inc. Gonzales, TX  $ 1,462,106
Wiley Residence Sequin, TX $ 250,000
Old Austin Rd. A.C.P. Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 2,691,400
Bldg 1350 Phase I & Phase II Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 818,514
SA Police Substations (3)  San Antonio, TX $ 353,000
HEB Parking Lot Renovation Uvalde, TX $ 67,000
IDIQ-Construction Winans Road Lighting Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 88,514
Gibson Residence Remodel Marion, TX $ 35,000
Green Valley Spec. Utility Dist. Marion, TX $ 480,030
Restripe Crosswalks and Centerlines Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 106,645
IDIQ-Little Big Horn Camp Bullis, TX $ 81,178
Restripe & Install buttons Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 30,104
Tent Pads Camp Bullis Camp Bullis, TX $ 69,443
IDIQ-Oppenheimer Rd. (Lewis Valley to Lundy's Lane) Camp Bullis, TX $ 114,582
Leadership Reaction Course Camp Bullis, TX $ 471,342
IDIQ-Oppenheimer Rd. (Middleton to Lewis Valley) Camp Bullis, TX $ 95,555
Winans Rd. Temp ACP Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 86,694
Rohde Residence Bergheim, TX  $ 350,000
Ft. Sam Equestrian Facility Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 290,108
IDIQ-Nursery Road Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 44,815
Bldg. 902-Solar Panel Field Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 61,690
IDIQ - Liscum Road Camp Bullis, TX $ 73,767
Brooks Army Medical Center-Water Line Upgrade Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 206,946
Parking Lot 6143 Camp Bullis, TX $ 115,687
Bldg. 4196 Construct Latrines Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 63,500
Tent Pads Camp Bullis, TX $ 90,152
W. Wilson/Cunningham Rd. Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 549,035
Interium Comm.Veh. Access Control Point (ACP) Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 138,098
Bldg. 3300 Renovate Outdoor Pool Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 102,551
Reconstruct Williams Road Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 490,000
Building 16 Parking Lot Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 272,374
Building 3540 Parking Lot  Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 98,700
Binz Engleman Access Control Point Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 42,646
Sanchez-Spencer Ball Field San Antonio, TX $ 49,863
91W Situational Training Park Ft. Sam Houston, TX $ 265,000
Officers' Club Remodel Randolph AFB, TX $ 45,000
Gonzales Nursing Home Gonzales, TX $ 225,000
S.S. Water Utility District La Vernia, TX $ 425,000
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