R.L. Rohde General Contracting Inc.
4180 Stuart Road
Adkins, Texas 78101
Phone: 210-649-3130        Fax: 210-649-3110         Estimating Department Fax: 210-519-3110
President & Director of Construction Ronnie Rohde ronnie@rlrohde.com
Senior Operations Manager Alfonso Sanin alfonso@rlrohde.com
Project Manager Randy Rohde randy@rlrohde.com
Construction Superintendent Jeff Hernandez rlrohde@rlrohde.com
General Correspondence General rlrohde@rlrohde.com
Estimating Department Estimating estimating@rlrohde.com
E-mail bids to Bids bids@rlrohde.com


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